I believe in vintage values. Loyalty, Integrity & Respect. Service should not be undertaken for fame or notoriety, but as a stewardship of selfless service, not to be taken lightly or trifled with.

We have a unique lifestyle in Utah with “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” at its core. It’s evident that we are increasingly upset with decision making at all levels of government. The storms of change impacting our values are raging round about us nationally. These “times” are now defining our character. The pioneers who settled this valley were a noble and wonderful people who walked in faith, who lived with loyalty, who were industrious, and who worked with integrity. If there is to be any hope for us, we have to improve the way in which we govern ourselves. We need public officials to consecrate themselves to these values. At all levels we need statesman without allegiances except to the constitution and to "we the people".

With the best of intentions we all want to be more involved in our community but our precious time is given to family, church, work, and other responsibilities. Through the fast pace of daily life, we have communication breakdowns throughout many aspects of our lives and community, including even with providence itself. I believe the goodness of our community still exists, even in the chaos of our daily lives we are still connected through our common values. We must stay vigilant and get involved when possible, seeking solutions together which serve the greater good of our community.

I believe together we can bless the lives of each other and create a “Refuge” in our community from these storms before they arrive

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